Intermediate Restorative Massage Therapy

A comprehensive intermediate , course on the Art of Restorative Massage, Medical Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy, Hygiene and the Underlying Principles of Anatomy and Physiology.

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A sequential and detailed outline of lesson subject matter is outlined below. The skills to be learned will be measured with an exam at the end of each lesson.

Week Description of Lesson & Clinic
Week 1 Introduction
Clinic - Making a Restorative Massage Therapy Kit
Week 2 History of Black Belt Healing
Clinic - The Towel Massage
Week 3 Hygiene in Healing
Clinic - The Cut Man
Week 4 Body Mechanics
Clinic - Hand Training for the Black Belt Healer
Week 5 Anatomy of Bones and Muscles
Clinic - Okazaki Massage – Part 1
Week 6 Anatomy of Internal Organs
Clinic - Okazaki Massage – Part 2
Week 7 Gentle Manipulations
Clinic - Introduction to Eastern Massage Manipulations
Week 8 Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
Clinic - Practicing Chinese Massage
Week 9 Using Your Mind to Heal
Clinic - Meditation Techniques
Week 10 Self Massage
Clinic - Self Massage Practice
Week 11 Ancient & Modern Methods of Resuscitation
Clinic - Practicing Old Kappo
Week 12 Taping and Splinting
Clinic - Taping the Martial Artist
Week 13 Fight Trauma & Working the Corner
Clinic - Wrapping the Boxer's Hands
Week 14 Inflammation and Hydrotherapy
Clinic - Using the Steam Room
Week 15 Flexibility to Prevent Injury
Clinic - The Sun Salutation
Week 16 Nutrition
Clinic - A Trip to the Supermarket
Week 17 Liniments and Oils
Clinic - A Trip to the Pharmacy
Week 18 Care of Massage Equipment
Clinic - Washing Oily Linen and Table Tops
Week 19 Dislocations
Clinic - The Cold Compress
Week 20 Fractures
Clinic - Splinting and Bandaging
Week 21 Head, Neck & Back Disorders
Clinic - The Headache Treatment
Week 22 Shoulder Disorders
Clinic - Using Chinese Liniments
Week 23 Elbow, Wrist and Hand Disorders
Clinic - Use of Warm Paraffin Wax
Week 24 Hip and Thigh Disorders
Clinic - Making a Hot Pack
Week 25 Knee Disorders
Clinic - Making the Frozen Ice Cup
Week 26 Ankle and Foot Disorders
Clinic - The Foot Bath
Week 27 Where Do You Go From Here?
Clinic - Writing a Resume
Text Book: The Anatomy Coloring Book (4th edition) by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson
Written Materials None
Other requirements None
Sequence and frequency of lessons or class sessions

The first week of instruction is a lecture period consisting of lectures 2 hours per day Monday through Friday. This is to orient the students to the institution and the course outline.

Weeks 2-4 will consist of group sessions meeting 3 hours per day. Students will cycle through the following areas.

  • Lab - An area dedicated to demonstration and participation where students will learn to apply new techniques and formulate oils and liniments.
  • Reading - This session meets two days per week to allow students time and materials to complete written assignments.
  • Video - Videos will be viewed by the students one day per week to study practitioners applying actual techniques.
  • Practical - This session allows students to practice the techniques they have learned throughout the week on each other.

Every Friday for weeks 1-10 there will be a 1 hour lecture period at the conclusion of the group session.

Weeks 5- 10 are similar to weeks 2-4 except lab is replaced by clinical. The clinical session is the opportunity for students to work on real patients under the direct supervision of Dr. Andrews.

Instructional mode or methods.

Instructional method includes classroom lecture, watching a training DVD, reading from the textbook and reading the course lessons, There is also clinical observation and an intern-ship.