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Who We Are

We're a massage school campus located in the Napa Valley where you train on actual patients. In the Medical Clinic you will help Dr. Andrews treat patients with massage therapy.

There are few places in the entire world that come close to the Napa Valley for excellence. Since early times the Napa Valley has been known for healing, rest and relaxation. Today, that tradition carries on…

You will help both those who want to stay healthy and those who are recovering from serious conditions. Your diverse and real world experiences at the Napa Valley School of Massage will prepare you for unparalleled success. Your prestigious diploma will be a priceless document throughout your career.

By the time you complete our 500 hour program you will have achieved:

Business & Ethics hours
Pathology hours
Allied Modalities hours
Body’s systems & anatomy, physiology, & kinesiology hours
In-class, supervised hands-on

Napa Valley School of Massage Organizational Chart

Job Description of the CEO / CAO

The CEO / CAO of the Napa Valley School of Massage will oversee all activities related to the daily operation of the school. It is this person's responsibility to insure the physical plant and class room space are safe and compatible with an excellent learning experience. Specifically, the CEO insures that the class room is well ventilated with adequate lighting and seating. This person insures that all local building and fire codes are met. In addition, the CAO is responsible for recruiting and screening new applicants. The CEO oversees the work of the instructors to insure the highest quality instruction. Furthermore, the CEO is responsible for awarding certificates to those individuals who have successfully completed the course of instruction.

Job Description of the COO

The COO of the Napa Valley School of Massage is responsible for the financial obligations of the School. This person oversees billing and collections as well as being responsible for accounts payable. The COO will disclose to the Bureau any failure to comply with applicable law, or any evidence of fraud committed by the institution or person connected with the institution in compliance with California Code 73740. The COO is also responsible for scheduling each term. Furthermore, this individual handles the problems that arise in the daily operation of the school. This includes evaluating and resolving all student complaints in accordance with California code 73770. All complaints received will be mailed to the attention of the CEO. Lastly, this individual is designated the Custodian of Records and is responsible for the record keeping of the faculty and student body as required by the statute and regulations for a period of not less than five years.

Job Description of the Instructor

Instructors at The Napa Valley School of Massage teach the art of restorative massage, medical gymnastics, hydrotherapy, hygiene and the underlying principles of anatomy and physiology. Furthermore Instructors oversee student learning and testing.

BPPE disclosures

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    • 500 Hour: Fact Sheet - Intermediate Restorative Massage Therapy
    • 750 Hour: Fact Sheet - Acupressure for Therapists
    • 1000 Hour: Fact Sheet - Advanced Restorative Massage Therapy
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